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Writer, director, producer and actor  


Short Film | Black Comedy Drama | Cornwall - United Kingdom | 2021 | 15 mins

Two twenty-something former best friends Margo and Celeste meet again at a hen party back in Cornwall, but under the waves of disappointment and failure, will the reunion cause them to sink or swim?

Mermaids is about returning home, female friendship and being stuck in the in-between. 


Director/Writer: Yazmin Joy Vigus

Principle Cast: Daisy Bevan, Yazmin Joy Vigus

Producers: Jaz Wasson, Sheenu Das, Yazmin Joy Vigus

Exec Producers: Emily Morgan, Alice Cabañas, Meneka Das

Director of Photography: Simeon Geyer

Editor: Ana Mlynarska

Sound Editor: Ian Wilson

Sound Mix: Natasha Haycocks, Howard Bargroff

Post Production Supervisor: Reece Ewing

Music Supervisor: Andrew T Mackay

Join us on social media or swim over to the blog to find out more about our journey and how we made the film.


Backed by Film Hub South West

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co-Writer, co-director, co-producer and actor  

La Lune Folle

Comedy | London - United Kingdom | 2018 

Why did the chicken really cross the road...? When an struggling do-good actor Beth meets a mysterious girl on the curb - her misunderstanding of the situation leads her to further improverishment. 

A sample scene from a short film script written and performed by Yazmin Joy Vigus and Beth Teverson. 


Director/Writer: Yazmin Joy Vigus and Beth Teverson 

Principle Cast: Beth Teverson, Yazmin Joy Vigus

Producers: Yazmin Joy Vigus and Beth Teverson 

Director of Photography: Simeon Geyer

Actor & Associate producer


Short Film | Fantasy Period Drama | London - Cornwall, United Kingdom | 2016 

After the loss of a loved one, timid Carly struggles to face her audition at a prestigious music conservatoire. As she awaits her turn in the empty corridor, a picture of a 19th Century young & confident woman on the wall catches her eye. Desperate to find courage Carly escapes into a fantasy. Imagining herself as the young woman, she is no longer afraid of facing her audition but also of letting go of even deeper fears.


Director/Writer: Meneka Das

Principle Cast: Dame Siân Phillips, Yazmin Joy Vigus

Music: Andrew T Mackay

Producers: Meneka Das & Andrew T Mackay

Associate Producer: Yazmin Joy Vigus

Director of Photography: Dusan Todorovic

La Lune Folle Social: 

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